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EigenValuesVectors - two matrices/complex values


I really need to implement into C++ code calculation of EigenValues and EigenVectors using same algorithm as Matlab function:

    [V,D] = eig(A,B) produces a diagonal matrix D of generalized
    eigenvalues and a full matrix V whose columns are the corresponding
    eigenvectors so that A*V = B*V*D.

Compatibility: ObjectARX and Visual Fortran

Hello, everyone!


I am Welber, from Brazil, and i was started the research in my university in Strutctural Analysis for AutoCad with programation.

I saw wich when i want to develop somehting for AutoCad i need to use "ObjectARX" and Visual Studio Professional (with some language of programation). But, i can't do it work good.


When I finish the instalation package, I see the VS and not find the option "ObjectARX" with the language "Visual Fortran"


FORALL vs. nested DO construct / Compare - Contrast

I have code which has the following block:

FORALL(I = 1:II, J = 1:JJ, K = 1:KK, NULL(I, J, K) == 1)
    V(I, J, K) = FRAC(I, J, K) * DX(I, J, K) * DY(I, J, K) * DZ(I, J, K)
    VN(I, J, K) = DX(I, J, K) * DY(I, J, K) * DZ(I, J, K)

In compiling / running the code after turning off my StackReserveSize number, I was noting this code was eating up stack.  So, I replaced it with

Student License Serial number not working


I have a student license for Parallel Studio XE 2013 that expired at the end of last year. I just refreshed my PC and was trying to install the products again, but I got this message upon activation:

"Activation rights do not allow this software to be installed. This could be due to expired subscription or incompatible serial number".

Standalone Install Intel Debugger (gdb-ia)

Our application is a fortran based application. The standard GDB that comes with Linux is not sufficient in debugging issues on production systems. We would like to install GDB-IA on those servers. Can I just install GDB-IA without instlling the entire package? If so, how please respond with the syntax? Is the version of GDB-IA that comes with compoer2015 backwards to prior versions?

simple adjustment to uncompressing the MSS package

Maybe trivial for some, but I was scratching my head as I followed the directions implicitly... 

$ tar -xvzf MediaServerStudio*.tar.gz
$ cd MediaServerStudio*
$ tar -xvzf SDK*.tar.gz
$ cd SDK*

you need to cd SLES or CentOS directory depending on your build, in order to decompress the install scripts in the next step

$ tar -xvzf install_scripts*.tar.gz


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