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Internal procedure as actual argument (error)

Dear readers, I am seeking you for advice on passing internal procedures as actual arguments, which is a fortran 2008 feature supported by ifort 15.0. The following module does not compile in ifort 15.0, because

error #7069: The characteristics of the associated actual function result
 differ from the characteristics of the dummy function result.   [NESTED]
		call with_dummy_function(nested)
compilation aborted for test.f90 (code 1)

Here is the code:

Help connecting COM Library in Fortran Code


I need some help to connect a COM library to my Fortran code. To start of I am using Visual Studios 2010 with Visual Fortran Compiler XE15.0 Update 3. I do have some experiance with Fortran programming but no experience with using COM libraries and their integration in various codes.

The goal is to use the Fortran code to set up and performe measurements on a commercial measurement instrument. I have access an COM library in the form of a .tlb file that can be used to controll the measurment instrument.

How to implement counted License in a current uncounted License Environment

I am using Intel Fortran for Linux. We have a current install where the license was single user based. I have since purchased a 20 seat license. I am implementing FLEX licsensing into the environment. I have a few questions;

1. Can I put the new license files in the same directory as the current licenses /opt/intel/licenses and the server manager will not be impacted by the old licenses?

MFX_ERR_DEVICE_FAILURE on MFXVideoSession::SyncOperation


I have build an encoding pipeline integrated with ffmpeg for muxing into MP4 container in a similar fashion as the ffmpeg integration sample. Overall all works but with some issues. Very often the app experiences MFX_ERR_DEVICE_FAILURE error after which encoding no longer works when calling MFXVideoSession::SyncOperation when synchronizing for getting the bitstream data. The error lacks any pattern but there are a few things I have noticed:

Problem compiling with -warn interfaces on ifort 12.1.6

I'm trying to compile a large software project with ifort 12.1.6 20120928 on RHEL6 using the -warn interfaces option (to detect possible argument mismatches in function calls). In many cases, I get the error #6457: This derived type name has not been declared. I could manually fix this by editing every single _genmod.f90 file adding the required USE module statement, but this is not a viable option.

Small correction ?gesvj description in Reference Manual for Intel® Math Kernel Library 11.1 Update 4


Hi guys,

a very minor correction, consider


in description of work the manual indicates that the size of vector "work" is "max(4, m+n)"

but for description of "lwork" which is the length of work it gives lwork as "max(6,m+n)"

All the best,

Submodule+coarray bug with IVF 16.0

The following code triggers compiler error #8361 (A coarray or an object with a coarray ultimate component shall be a dummy argument or have the ALLOCATABLE or SAVE attribute.) for coarray J. I think this is incorrect, but I may be wrong.

Using SAVE for J eliminates this error message.





Need an advice on programming graphic using either Visual Fortran or Visual C/C+

Dear All,

I have a project on fluid flow with graphics on. I am looking forward to continue developing the solver part in Fortran but the UI with a graphic console in mixed language form. I just need an advice that which one of the following two options is better;

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