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Deserialize Byte Array


I have a byte array in Fortran that has been serialised in vb. I was wondering if it's possible to deserialize it in Fortran using a custom TYPE or something?

In VB the object format is:

       Public Class CustomClass
           Property1 as Double
           Property2 as Double
           Property3 as Double
       End Class

and I serialize it with: 

Mac install location conflicts with code signing

tbb dylibs on the Mac are built with an install name path (otool -D) of "libtbb.dylib" (and similar names for all the other tbb libraries), which means that if you link with them as-is and place it inside an app package in the Apple-recommended location, they won't be found and you'll die on launch with

dyld: Library not loaded: libtbb_debug.dylib

  Referenced from: /Users/williams/photoshop/main/photoshop/Targets/Debug_x86_64/Adobe Photoshop CC Photoshop CC 2015

  Reason: image not found

X-code integration


I have installed intel fortran composer 2015 update 3 on my mac which is 10.10.3 and it installed successfully . Then I checked it by ifort myfile.f90 in terminal and it was ok ,  Then i wanted to use ifort in Xcode and there was no option to choose intel fortran ! what else should i do to integrate ifort into xcode ? my Xcode version is 6.3.1 .



Intel Compiler giving license error

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has come across this issue before. I have an install of Intel Fortran on my PC but the licences don't appear to have been set up right. I get the error message

"A license for FCompW is not available". This the first time I've tried to recompile something since having this PC. I have a valid licence for this software.



Is the Quick Sync Video technology being phased out?

Is the Quick Sync Video technology being phased out? I am asking that because the most powerful new processors do not have Quick Sync Video capabilities. See for an example: it has no integrated graphics and thus no Quick Sync Video capability.


Are we wasting our development time adding support for a dying technology?

Intel Software Manager "Cannot connect to update server"

Since 4/28/2015 we've been getting "Cannot connect to update server" from ISM when we try to check for updates. Last successful check was on 4/23/2015. We get this same error on 6 systems. We have one user who has upgraded to Intel Composer 2015, and we don't get the error on that system.

Have tried turning off firewall and checked FIPS settings, which are not set, to no avail.

Manually downloading and installing updates works fine. What can we do to get ISM working again?

Here's the excerpt from ism.log:

"Not authorised" to access Intel premier support


This is another duplicate post but all the posts I've found have been fixed internally by Intel without giving any way of fixing it ourselves. Is this worth a sticky post of some sort?

I have current Parallel Studio XE C++ 2015 license with support until 2016. I've clicked on the 'activate support' link in the registration center several times. However I'm still completely unable to access Intel premier support at As soon as I put in my login details I get the message "

Not Authorized to Access

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