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Why shoudl i use AppUp

Hello, I am new to this platform and this forum.

I just found today the AppUp platform. it looks nice. 

I am trying to understand how much distribution can i get through this platform and how does it all work (not Technically, business /marketing wise). i could not find a decent place on the website to learn about this nor any direct contact /email where i can ask these questions.

So, for now, i do not know if it is worth investing my time in creating and submitting an app into this platform.

if someone from Intel and AppUp is listening, please advise!

Validation - Is it mandatory for apps to utilise full screen

Referring to UIX01 - All menus, graphics icons and text must be clearly readable by user
•Must use full screen capabilities, if applicable to the app.

Is it mandatory for apps to have a full screen mode? Or is a windowed mode sufficient? For example If an app is portrait mode then utilising the full screen isn't really applicable...

linker errors: appup sdk built with multithreaded dll linkage, my app build static linkage


I haven't been able to find the answer to this.  Basically I build with static linkage (/MTd).  This has served me well for many years.

The appup sdk's libs are built with multithreaded dll linkage (/MDd).  I therefore get a bunch of "already defined" errors on link.

you cannot mix the two runtimes.

Is there a statically linked version of the appup sdk libs?

or is there some solution to this that can be shared (and added to the FAQ)?

desparately yours,


bcrypt.dll is not found

Hi, We are testing some sample html5 using app using Encapsulator. After transforming the app using Encapsulator, we've tried installing it on Win XP, Win 7 Professional. On Win 7 when I run the application, it says "application could not be verified". On Win XP when I run the app, it says "...bcrypt.dll is not found...". 

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