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Obtaining accurate time measurement on Survey Report


I am using Intel Advisor XE 2013 (build 270011) on Linux. I am using the Survey analysis to profile my program (compiled with gcc and flags: -g and -O3). However, every time that I run the analysis I get different execution percentages for a loop of interest, although everytime I am using the same input data and parameters. The total execution time of my program is around 0.72 s.

I want to ask you:

Is it expected to have different execution percentages when profiling using Advisor?

Are there any needed compiler/linker flags that I forgot?

We are unable to find registrations/downloads matching this request

Not sure this is the right forum, but I am getting the following error message when I try and download the latest version (Version 2013 Initial Release or Update 1)  of Intel Advisor XE

We are unable to find registrations/downloads matching this request.

I have an education license for both Windows and Linux and am seeing the same error message.  Any ideas?



Nested Loops


I have a subprogram in my software that has a parallel site that contains nested loops. I am uncertain as to

how to annotate them. Can you direct me to some literature on this?


Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.




When I annotated my first file based on the results of intel Advisor survey, I got the error:

'RRAY' undeclared (first use in this function)

Each undeclared indentifier is reported only once

for each function it appears in.

Now in




What must be the sitename and what must be the taskname? Also, do I have to declare each? At present it says my taskname is undeclared.

RRAY was my taskname and I did not declare it. I did not think that I had to.

Any help appreciated.

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