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RGB Resolution


I am attempting to capture full resolution RGB images like this:


Where "pipe " is a utilpipeline instance.

This gives me 1280x720 rgb images, however, these images are of poor quality, containing many compression-like artifacts.  Is it possible that I am capturing a lower resolution that is simply being upscaled to 720p.  If so, how can I get full 720p color images?

Any help is appreciated.



PXCSenseManager::AcquireFrame return PXC_STATUS_INIT_FAILED(-503)


I am new to RealSense SDK. I have some issue when I try to integrate RSSDK face detection and landmarks into our application.

When I set the image resolution into 1280X720 , AcquireFrame will always return PXC_STATUS_INIT_FAILED(-503),

unless I comment the " m_pConfig->ApplyChanges(); " , which means face detection and landmarks are not enabled.

Intel® RealSense™ App Challenge: Judging Update and Intel INDE License Bonus

The six month licenses to the Intel INDE Toolset have now been awarded to the Challenge participants with qualifying demos.  

The awarding of the Grand Prize, 1st Place and 2nd Place winners for the Intel® RealSense™ App Challenge remains on schedule for mid-May.

SDK doesn't detect the camera

My Senz3D camera is connected and working in the DepthSense Viewer app from SoftKinetic. But anywhere else, eg the Capture Viewer or any sample in the SDK the camera is not found. Some of them crash with the message "Failed to create an SDK session".

I have the Perceptual Computing SDK, but also the RealSense SDK as I am tasked to support both. It doesn't look like these conflict.

Any help will be appreciated!


App Challenge 2014 Submission Confirmation


I have submitted may application for the second phase of the Realsense App Challenge 2014. However I have not received any confirmation email.

In the idea dashboard, the submit button has disappeared but I continue having the counter with the days left to submission deadline.

How can I be sure the submission was taken into account?



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