Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK (Archived)

Extracting real world coordinates in C#

I am trying to extract the real world coordinates using the senz3d in c#, would it be possible to supply some sample c# code in the best way of extracting this (preferably not c++ if possible) , I have managed to obtain PXCMImage of a depth frame but so far have failed to get the real world coordinates from this.

The closest I have got uses Marshal.Copy as shown below

        public List<point3D> copyDepthDataToList(PXCMImage image)
            List<point3D> coordinates = new List<point3D>();

MyFirstApp Tutorial Errors


Just a quick post to point out some errors I've found in the myFirstApp Tutorial. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

-The path they give to add under the Properties -> VC++Directories (Page 7) does not correspond to the path given in the Screenshot. After fiddling around, the path depicted is correct:

$(PCSDK_DIR)/lib/$(Platform) and NOT $(PCSDK_DIR)/lib/$(PlatformName)

When will affective (emotions) functionality be available

Dear Intel Real Sense (RS) Developers,

I am working with the latest version/samples and I also kept an earlier SDK version 7383 Gold.  The earlier version has the original emotion smile recognition capability.

I am doing research in affective computing and would appreciate any update as to when the emotion capabilities will be restated in the RS SDK.

Thanking you in advance,




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