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what is the difference between fourth gen. i7 and extreme edition ? help

Dear Sir
I am Sharif AL-Hamidi , I am a film maker and also I get used to edit my movies
in addition to that I work as a graphic designer.  I need to buy a new Desktop PC to be suitable for
my job, but i read a lot of things in your website about the fourth generation of core i7 CPU's
Could they be enough and suitable  for my work and multitasking jobs because while I am editing also I work with graphic design at the same time
Does they better than the extreme edition or not although they are released after the extreme edition?

Examples GUI Application -> Intel c++ compiler

Is it possible to create gui style applications (forms style like in windows forms) using the intel c++ compiler? If there is/are, what are the available IDE options? I am using the compiler for inline assembly because I'm using the at&t syntax for visual studio 2012... What I know is that the compiler does not support forms application in VS

How to compile Spec CPU2006 benchmarks to get Binaries and Analyze result on Vtune ?

Hi ,

I am trying to analyze the performance of the processor using SPEC CPU2006 Benchmarks on Intel Vtune performance analyzer. I want to compile the benchmarks to get the binaries. I am using core 2Duo(x86-64bit) and windows7 and I have installed Intel c++ compiler( Intel composer XE 2013). I want to know how to compile the benchmarks using Intel c++ compiler ? I would really appreciate if someone could enlighten me about this.

Thanks, Leena

External Monitor higher Resolution Problem

Hi dudes. I'm Amaury and I'm from Mexico and i dont know if it cares jeje
I have a compaq mini with intel atom processor and intel gma 3150 and I use this mini for my job. I need to be stand and i cant be sit down all time and i decide use an external monitor to get a better view of my apps.
The problem is that intel gma only gives me an 1024x600 resolution for a external monitor and my display shows a blured graphics and i cant read documents and things like that.
My external monitor is an Acer AL1706

Website Horribly Slow - Dashboard fails to load

Typically I wouldn't say anything about this, but I've been using the Developer Dashboard for a couple of months now and it is consistently very very slow to load and about 90% of the time it fails to load my applications that I've submitted. This is consistent across Chrome and IE10. I have never been able to come to the site and have it load in a reasonable amount of time, meaning I have to wait 3 + minutes to just see the dashboard without my apps.

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