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Lots of apps missing and developer dashboard blank...

Just a FYI.


I noticed a lot of apps are missing when you browse apps off the web site. These same apps show up ok via Appup Center client.

Also, when going into Appup developer login noticed Dashboard is all white and never shows any apps that were there before.

Is something major wrong with Appup via the web site or is there a update going on during the day today and it is not done?



I heard that there is some Intel Asm (Assembler) to assemble x86 asm programs but could not find it in the intel site. Can somebody give me a download link for the Intel Asm assembler.

Code signing application broken!!

Yesterday I could apply for code signing but today IE refuses to accept the ActiveX control even though I allowed it. I suspect it is not signed so IE will not accept it no matter what.

Also, even though I am an individual they want me to me to sign up for white pages. I used to send my phone bill as proof of residency. I do not like putting so much info on the web due to concerns to identity theft and privacy. I do supply valid email address for support as required.

Last time I do not have all these issues. The changes seem negative and not a positive direction.

Bad start--where's the FORTRAN?

I downloaded and installed INTEL COMPOSER XE 2013, then looked around for an icon I could drag into my dock, clicking which would connect me with FORTRAN--but I didn't see one.  I searched and I searched, but couldn't find anything that looked like what I was looking for.

Can anybody please tell me what I should be looking for?  Is it possible for the installation software to congratulate me on a successful installation, and yet that installation to have failed?

Inetlicc8 library


I need to get the "l_cproc_p_11.0.083" redistributable library(containing, and for my application. Can anybody let me know, from where can I get this. And, if possible share the link.



Amar Nath

Remote Device Access is no longer available

In an effort to offer our developers the most relevant and appropriate tools during the app submission process, we implemented Remote Device Access tool.  Due to lack of adoption, the Remote Device Access will no longer be available. We sincerely appreciate your support and regret any inconvenience this may have caused you. If you have questions and or need assistance please contact our technical support team

In App Purchase: Content SDK powered by Urban Airship* is no longer available

In an effort to offer our developers the most relevant and appropriate tools, we implemented In App Purchase Content utilizing Urban Airship’s content hosting service.  Due to lack of adoption, the In App Purchase:  Content SDK powered by Urban Airship* will no longer be available. Windows application developers will continue to have the opportunity to monetize features within their applications through the Intel AppUp® In-App Unlocking and the Intel AppUp® In App Upgrade API’s.

Shortcuts who creates them? Who removes them?

Hi All,

 I posted this over to the Validation forum. Looks like they were trying to create shortcuts by hand?

I suspect what is going on is the validation team was testing to see if they can launch apps outside of Appup but the correct thing to do is to have the Appup Engineering team add a shortcut to the windows desktop that properly launches the apps. I explained why in my other posting.


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