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placing advertisments using third party pluggin.

hi: I want to submit two apps on intel app store. the apps are for free but, I want to use third party plugin that allows adds trafficking. the plugin is belong to a company called "InnerActive". unfortunately, I cannot use what is available in the product catalog because I am using the T1 AGK language and innerActive is the only plugin yet available to work with it. ok or not

Appup caused Windows 7 64-bit to crash...

Hi Appup folks, I just got a new system (i7 3930x) and noticed after installing appup that my system would crash within 10 minutes until I uninstalled it. Before I had it installed the system was just fine. I am running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1. I noticed before the crash I would get this square black rectangle in the center of the screen and one time it said Appup was having an issue so I uninstalled it and it has not crashed yet. I even stopped the system from sleeping and it still crashed untill I uninstalled appup.

Why my app can not be edited?

Hi, I am new. Sorry for my ignorance. Yesterday, I submitted an app named Pavtube MTS M2TS Converter. Once I input the app name, it does not allow me to edit app info. It shows that "Currently submitted for validation". Then I submitted other two programs named Pavtube Video Converter and pavtube DVD Ripper. They both can be edited. Please help me how to make MTS M2TS Converter editable. Thank you.


I want ti buy an ultrabook for programming purposes. my question is if I am are allowed to use the nVidea physics engine in my produced game. I am asking this question because intel did not accept the physics engine because it does not work on netbooks.

What <B>exactly</B> is the role of Dixons,ASUS App Store,Best Buy, Fujitsu etc.

Hi, I was wondering can anybody explain what exactly is the role of Dixons, ASUS App Store,Best Buy, Fujitsu etc. I understand the very concept of Collaboration. There is another sub question to it. Why Intel is not EXCLUSIVELY selling the apps. Are there any other partners as well like Adobe? Thanks in advance. Jayant Akolkar

Somebody bought my app and it won't run for them, please refund them.

Somebody bought my app and it won't run for them, please refund them. PM me for details please. I'm sorry if this isn't the best place to post these requests, but I couldn't find a 'contact support' form in my dashboard, and I also can't find any way to refund orders in my dashboard.

Hardware Profiling WEI Base Scoring

During the application submission process, we are now asking developers to set the minimum and recommended requirements for PC supported applications based on the Windows Experience Index (WEI) score. This request is the foundation for future capabilities that might filter and or recommend to consumers specific apps best suited for their hardware configuration.

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