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HELP! CA Vendor does not know about certs and Firefox...

Hi All, After going through a very long and painful effort getting the cert from Intel's Comodo partner I find out that they do not know how deal with Firefox and getting the cert from there. Does anyone know how to get the right type of cert out of Firefox and then how to add it properly to the keystore so it will get through the beta checks that are done during validation???? Thanks, -Tony

Can someone tell me how I would find information on how to make my 2 file C++ game automatically install on the desktop

I am so frustrated!!! Can't I find a human being in all this website mess to answser some questions I have about the regulation stating: "Your app has to install on the desktop" I think my progaram has great potential but might be too simplistic to do that!!! It is a game played on a grid that is activated by just clicking on a .exe that reads 1 .dat!!! Can someone help me please???

My program is simplistic enough not to need an msi -2 files( .exe and .dat file in C++)--how do I upload and beta test them????

Can someonw help me with my plan to beta test and submit a game consisting of 2 files created in C++. (.exe and .dat) Do I need an MSI file? I actually don't know what an MSI file is!!! I am new to all of this!!!! I don't understand what signing is? Can someone please help me? Can I just upload the 2 files? A look a the game can be downloaded at

Betatest account can not download. The provisioning process has failed. Please contact support. Error code:1650

When I download betatest application account in lastest AppUp Client , appears message : "The provisioning process has failed". Please contact support. Error code:1650. I use windows 7 64 bit. I try download some times but it can not work. Please help me! Thank you very much.

Error 2004

Hello, I was wondering has anyone encountered the error code 2004, if so, what causes it? and how is it fixed ? I had a 2008 error and following steps on here relating to shortcuts, it has cleared up and now turned into a 2004 error. Thanks for any assistance. Gerard.

Error 2001 during uninstallation

Hello, I am doing beta-testing of our program and get Error 2001 during uninstallation. My steps in Intel AppUp Client: Download program. Launch. Close it. Uninstall. Program is uninstalling fine, but in the end of this process I see message "We are sorry but the application uninstallation failed. Please contact support. Error Code: 2001". Just for information: We used InstallSield 12 to build the MSI. We checked that MSI has the “advertised” shortcut. What can be the reason of this error 2001? Please help to decide the question. Thanks in advance. Best regards.

How to Beta test a live application

We are currently trying to beta test a new version of a live application. At this point, the new build has been uploaded, the beta test has been activated and users have been invited. However, it has been several hours and we are still not seeing any new versions of the beta test in the My Apps section of the AppUp store. Is there an alternate way of beta testing new versions of live applications that we are not aware of or are we just missing a step somewhere in the process?
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