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Unpacking of meego-handset-ia32-1.1 file problem..

Hello , I had tried downloading the meego-handset-ia32-1.1 but failed many times on MADDE terminal. so switched to fetch command where i got the URL Address from there using ADP downloader i suceesfully downloaded the file But the Unpacking again an issue. Is there any way to fix this ? Helpful Suggestion would be benifitial. Thanks

zypper says repositories are invalid

I just received an EXOPC Slate with MeeGo installed during an AppUp session at GDC last week. I'm generally familiar with using Linux-based distros (I use Debian and Ubuntu machines at home), but I'm having a hard time using Meego. I figured I could use zypper to installl some applications, but unfortunately whenever I try to use it, I receive errors about the repositories it came configured with: ** (as root) # zypper refresh Retrieving repository 'core' metadata [error] Repository 'core' is invalid. [|] Repository type can't be determined.

the exoPc i got from GDC os wont boot up

for the longest time i thought that it was no os on it and that was normal and that i had to install it but it looks like my tablets os just wont boot up. It shows the MeeGo logo and just sits. Now i still could just be wrong and have not done something that i was suppose to do if thats the case please tell me what that is because i want to show off the tablet to my employer and see if i could make apps and games for it. if all i have to do is a reinstall to fix it just send me a link to an meego image file(been looking for one for hours) and i could reinstall it

Getting started with MeeGo OS...some basic user questions

Good evening all! I attended the info session at GDC and have been getting started playing around with my MeeGo tablet. I hope these questions aren't too basic/silly, but I've searched and have not found the answers. 1. Is it possible (or even recommended) to develop directly on the MeeGo tablet? I see SDKs to develop for MeeGo on Windows, so my likely course of action will be to download the SDK on my Windows laptop, and then test either via the simulated MeeGo environment, or on the device itself.

QEMU problems

Hello, just thought I give MeeGo a try and installed the MeeGo SDK on my Windows XP 32 Bit PC. It made it up just as described here: But after starting the QEMU emulator and deploying an app out of the MeeGo development environment the app starts in the emulator, but I can't click anywhere. Just nothing happens. Additionally the emulator screen turns into black sometimes or the app window disappears again. So it seems I've no influence on what's going on within the emulator. :-( Any ideas on that are appriciated.

Playing game sound effects and background music simultaneously

I'm trying to finish off a game for Meego (mobile), but i've been having loads of problems trying to get multiple sounds to play together. I tried using QMediaPlayer with an ogg bgm and wav sfx but this often broke the sound playing (on Netbook and n900) depending on the number of sfx triggered at the same time. I also tried using the sample QuickHit's QAudioOuput mixing code, but that also seems to break. What are other people using to play multiple sounds and background music?

newbie: is it possible to learn qt without being a programmer?

I'm trying to decide how much is involved with my learning qt. The only things I know are html and CSS. I'm trying to get a sense of what is involved in the learning curve. I don't really want to take years to learn the art of programming C. I want to build simple non-video semi educational apps for 2d visual artists. This is the first time I've visited this forum. Thanks!-Kate
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