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Meego packaging and compliance clarifiction?

Hello At meego article I came across one important point on SPEc 3.1.1 ((com.companyname.appname)) is required.. As per the above article. So i want to know about Domain name.. is it about An URL pls calrify Or i idid not get the meaning of that point correctly? Thanks

MeeGo HelloWorld build trouble

Hi I have problem to build simple application for MeeGo. I have several issues. #include #include #include int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { MApplication a(argc, argv); MApplicationWindow w; MApplicationPage p;; p.appear(); return a.exec(); } 1. Issue #include qt creator (not compiler) says "no such file or directory" so the auto complete isn't works. 2. When I build a debugging helper, I had to rename the file to to build successfully.

Strange keysym mappings running mic-chroot with output to Xephyr

The keysyms that, on a standard keyboard, are mapped to the 101-key dedicated cursor motion keys are mapped differently on MeeGo - Page Up is numpad / (and numpad / is insert), Page Down is menu, and the rest are mapped to assorted other keysyms. The numpad's cursor movement keys are still accessible, though. Is this a weird bug in the chroot image's X layout, or do the netbooks intentionally rearrange the keymapping? Is there anywhere with a list of the standard keys available on MeeGo netbooks? Will this cause problems if a user plugs a standard USB keyboard into a tablet?

Error during installation of SDk

Platform: Win XP MeegoSDK 1.1 When I started; installing i get following error sometime "://com.meego.sdk.madde/madde.7z:Extraction failed" Another error which I always get whether i install 1.1 or 1.2 SDK; c:\MeeGoSDK_1.1\MADDE\bin\env.exe -i /bin/sh --login c:\MeeGoSDK_1.1\MADDE\postinstall\" Please suggest whats going wrong .. Thanks,

AppUp SDK for MeeGo

I think i miss something, but why no AppUp SDK for MeeGo? I mean not for MeeGo SDK for Windows, but for MeeGo platform? I want to develop on device and have no idea on how to integrate AppUp SDK to my app. A have tired to integrate AppUp with old SDK for Maemo, but it's not working.

How do MeeGo devices handle resolution changing?

If I try to change to a fullscreen video mode that doesn't match the native resolution, how will MeeGo devices handle it? Will they letterbox it to preserve aspect ratio, or will 800x600 wind up stretched grotesquely to cover an entire 1024x600 physical screen? Or will they reject the resolution change entirely? (Or is this going to vary from device to device?)

rpm built by QtCreator can't be installed on Meego device.

Hi! I use Meego SDK 1.2 preview and I build a simple application to test. However, the rpm file built by Qt Creator can't be install on my meego device. It shows "a internal system error has occured". If I copy execution file only to my device and execute it manually, it work fine. Does someone has the same problem? The building process seems ok and has no error message as the following. Running build steps for project Meegotest1... Starting: "C:\meegosdk_1.2\madde\bin\make.exe" clean -w make: Entering directory `/c/MeeGoSDK_1.2/QtCreator/bin/Meegotest1' rm -f main.o rm -f *~ core *.core

Meego 1.2 Sdk Installation ?

Hello, I have downloaded meego-windows-sdk) (505MB) And installed it in the C directory of Windows Xp3 program files then i tried to install AppUpSDK_MeeGo_CPP_v0.8_Beta.msi As described int the develoer guide but the messege i recieve says that Meego 1.1 or later version should be installed prior to intalling this software. so please clarify how could the later vesion of 1.1 not detected by the meego APP SDk. Or the 1.2 SDK is not supported for _MeeGo_CPP_v0.8_Beta.msi. please clarify how to fix this? While the 1.2 version is latest SDK for MEEgo
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