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Install AppUp on Meego 1.0 failed

I try to install on Meego 1.0 The system showed error message as below: ======================= Installing... error: Failed dependencies: is needed by intel-appstore-1.0.0.b8-moblin2.i386 is needed by intel-appstore-1.0.0.b8-moblin2.i386 cat: /opt/Intel/AppStoreBeta/share/etc/config.ini: No such file or directory rm: cannot remove `/opt/Intel/AppStoreBeta/share/etc/config.ini': No such file or directory

Is there a solution to rpmbuild my package under ubuntu?

I found the RPM package I make under ubuntu fails installation on Moblin. But it would be OK when I remove the ATOM SDK Link. It seems that I must bpmbuild the product linked with AppUp SDK under Moblin to make it work. But my main developing environment is under ubuntu, and switching to Moblin cost too much time, is there a solution to do it under ubuntu? Or did I miss something?

Is here any article on how to start developing applications for Moblin/MeeGo?

Hello! I going to port my drawing application to Moblin/MeeGo platform. I'm a Windows developer and never have a deal with *nix platforms. I want to know which platform i should to install (Fedora, Ubuntu, something else), which tools (IDE) i can use to start porting my app for Moblin/MeeGo? Thanks

Intel AppUp Center for MeeGo - trouble installation

Hi, i try to install AppUp Center on my laptop but terminal return me this issue : "[stardev@stardev-desktop sh]$ sudo ./ Upgrading... errore: Dipendenze fallite: necessario a intel-appstore-1.0.0.b8-moblin2.i386 Installation failed." How to solve it ? my best regard

Wierd thing of Appup Center client on Moblin

Every time i restart the Moblin. The Appup center client tells me it can not connect with the server. I have to reinstall it and it works again. But after several times, the App center client tells me that I have attached too many devices with this account and stops working. what have i done wrong or something else?
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