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My computer restarts after starting QEMU for tablet

I have sucessfully downloaded the MeeGo SDK 1.2 and target & runtime for tablet respectively. Target: meego-tablet-ia32- Runtime: meego-tablet-ia32-qemu- First I type "net start kqemu" from cmd then I try to start QEMU using MADDE $ mad remote -r meego-tablet-ia32-qemu- poweron Then I see tablet saying that booting or something like that in blank screen then mouse pointer comes and then my machine restarts. My machine is: Windows XP SP 2 | Intel Core 2 Dua E7200 2.53 | 3GB RAM Waiting for any solution...

Same Meego App for both Netbook & Tablet

Both app-submission-webpage and Developer-Challenge-submisstion-webpage accept single app name (and thus GUID & binary) for both MeeGo Netbook & tablet target. Can anybody tell me how to make a binary (or RPM) which can be used by both targets. As far as I know I have to choose one target at a time and both binaries are different. This might mean that different target binaries have to be submitted on same GUID at different time ( because once validation starts we can't edit it). What happens when we submit different target binaries on same GUID?

New MeeGo & AppUp SDK (Released 20th May)

1. The new MeeGo SDK is not working. I download meego-sdk-installer-online-20110519.exe and when I run it, it downloads something and hangs at a point. The progress freezes at 11% Retrieving meta information of com.meego.sdk.targets.simulator.qtmingw... Please do not provide custom downloaders for GBs of data. It would be better if SDKs are provided with direct links so that we can use some download managers/accelerators etc. and have pause facility.

I am unable to start QEMU?

Hi, I am new to MeeGo, but I have worked on Nokia Qt SDK for developing Symbian App. I have downloaded the MeeGo SDK 1.2 (meego-sdk-installer-online-20110519.exe) and installed SDK Successfully. Also installed vcredist_x86.exe. My Machine Configuration is: -Windows XP SP2 -Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E7200 @ 2.53Gz with 3GB RAM After running MADDE command I get list of Targets hand Runtime. Few are "installed" and few "installable". Please see the attached image. (How to upload image) There are two ways to run QEMU. 1) via MADDE 2) via Qt Creator after creating sample Gui Application.

broken Exo-pc

Hi, I got this wonderful Tablet at the AppLab, and already 1 week later its dead:( Unfortunately my tablet fell right onto the power jack and both the jack and smth on the mainboard broke. Trying out another power supply was not successful. So i am left with some minutes of battery power, after that the tablet will be not usable anymore :( Maybe you could help me clearing out the situation. I thought about following possiblities: 1) Warranty. Maybe not working out, because the device was actually a gift. But maybe there is an option.

Meego SQLite path clarification

Hi All, I am working with Qt SDK on Windows developer enviorment.I am planning open an existing database named "test.sqlite" using the application.So when i tried this, application always creates new database named test.sqlite inside the home directory of the emulator.I want the existing "test.sqlite" should be opened and need to fetch the database values. I have put the test.sqlite inside the main project folder. Please give me some suggetions ; Thanks& Regards, Vsh.Vshnu
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