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Intel appup software debugger not listening

Hi I am working in meego from past 5 months. I haven't installed QEMU in my lapy (not supporting), but running my app in remote meego device. I have installed software debugger in that meego device. But problem is when i run my app, debugger just shows "Started Listening.............." for ever.Also my app is successfully runnning on meego device. I could not know whether my app is authorized or not. Please help me.

Reported Wifi issues with tablet development platform

We have received a lot of communication from our developer community regarding wifi issues with the MeeGo tablet UX devices handed out in our App Labs. However, to date we have yet to independently confirm or duplicate a wifi issue. We are diligently working with ExoPC to understand & investigate the issue. If the community has any additional information or feedback regarding this topic we’d like to learn more. Meanwhile we are continuing to look into the matter . We will keep you apprised, as we learn more.

How to run a .net application on MeeGo O.S

Hello, I have create an application on Now I want to run this application on MeeGo application . So please make me clear What the step by step process I have to follow for it, means what SDK I have use to run this application. Is based application supported by MeeGo? or if not which language based application will support by it. Thanks,

Integration of app with App Up SDK

When i am Integrating the Intel AppUp™ SDK Suite in a MeeGo* app I got error when i run ssh -oport = 6666 root@localhost ssh connect to host localhost port 6666 Bad file number i have tried all ssh -o port = 6666 root@localhost ssh -p = 6666 root@localhost ssh -p 6666 root@localhost The same error appears for all Please help One more doubt ihave . Is the prcocess mandatory for app submission. Thanx

Install RPM file on Meego netbook

Hi , I have downloaded rpm file of my app to meego netbook (Lenovo s10-3t). I am able to install the app using terminal successfully. But i want to install the app on clicking rpm file. What are the requirements to do that and is it enough to have only rpm file or it should need any other file? when i double click rpm file dialogue pop up with message 1st dialogue ------------- Local file installer is running as a priviliged user. Package management applications are security sensitive.

rrpmbuild bug under Linux: problem and fixing

Hello! Three weeks I tried to make the RPM-package for MeeGo. I used QtCreator MeeGo IDE for Linux. And I can not create normal RPM-package. The deep study showed: this IDE generated broken RPM-package. To be precise, the problem in the program rrpmbuild. The MeeGo compliance contains the following two rules: Compliance Spec 3.1.1 Naming An application package name shall begin with one of the owners' fully qualified domain names in lower case, in reverse order, and end with the application name (such as, com.companyname.appname).

MeeGo Tablet UI icons

My App (Did you know) was rejected with reason The application never created a visual icon to launch the application App has same RPM for netbook and tablet. RPM just well creates shortucts on netbook, and never creates app icon on tablet. App created a desktop file, and nebook version has app icon inside the applications section

Is there some special requirements for tablets RPMs?
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