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InMarket AIR Packaging Services for AppUp migrating to AppUp developer program

Adobe has announced that the InMarket services currently hosted under their Flash Platform Services program will be shutting down and that only the Intel AppUp developer program will be supporting submission of AIR applications to AppUp center directly from the AppUp developer program site.   

Issue in submitting App

Hi, I am submitting zip files of source files but it gives error message as follows: Our software thinks that something isn't quite right. Please retry after correcting errors.,ZIP file check failed,required file missing,index.html If the error makes no sense at all, or looks like gibberish, you might be able to find help on our support forum (feel free to copy/paste). Click here to go to the forum Can anyone please help with this asap? Thanks, Jatina

Air Apps: Using Encapsulator and Meego support

Hi, I am Air developer and new to AppUp and Meego development. Just was exploring Air implementation for AppUp and thought of getting some help from you experts: • Surely we can publish Air(Flex, using Melrose) app for AppUp, but can we publish the same Air app for Meego? Are AIR apps accepted for Meego tablets? • Has anyone explored on using the same Air app-file for different screen sizes? What is the best/most used screen resolution for Air apps? Where can I find the details about all the screen resolutions for applicable devices in AppUp store?

Tentative timeline for availability of Flash SDK

Hi, Just realized that AppUp is accepting Adobe Air apps and have SDK’s for integration, great to know! When browed in detail, understood that only Air apps developed with Flex environment are accepted and SDK is available for Flex. The SDK is still not available for Flash CS5 and also other wrapper mechanisms would end in app being rejected to store. As Flash developer, we have some apps ready in Flash and would love to just port those for AppUp. Even though some post suggest that the SDK for Flash would be available soon, the exact details would rather help for many reasons:

Adobe Air License

Hi All! I have a little question: if a customer wants to put some applications in the AppUp with the SDK for Adobe Air, does he paid 300 $ for the license? is there a method to put the applications for free? Many thanks Simone

Lodsys Patent Suit

Does Intel or Adobe expect the recent lawsuit by Lodsys against independent iOS developers over the use of an upgrade button to affect the InMarket or AppUp services? Although I am not an iOS developer, I am concerned about whether this suit could cause changes to sales channels like InMarket and AppUp (though I certainly hope not).

Official Intel Support on Unity or Flash CS5 Professional for AppUp

For Flash CS5/Unity, I realize there are third parties creating so-called "Intel Atom Developer Program SDK" solutions for AppUp, such as Bakno However: Is there official support from Intel AppUp for Unity or Flash CS5 Professional?
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