Adobe AIR* (Archived)

Today is Aug 14, Still unable to submit AIR application

I have been waiting patiently until Aug 14 to be able to submit AIR application to Intel Atom Developer Challenge. Today is Aug 14, but I am still unable to submit AIR application to the challenge. When I try to submit a new application to Atom Developer Program AppUp center, it seems to only allow me to upload msi file. So I am unable to add app. Please help us submit AIR application. Thank you very much.

Wrapper for Flash/Adobe - Help Required

Hi, Our standalone games are developed using Adobe Flash and published in SWF format. Then we used a tool from Northcode, called SWF Studio ( to convert game to standalone PC executable. This tool converts SWF output in a windows executable binary and provide some additional features. First way to implement Atom SDK is creating a wrapper for SWF studio output. But that is like embedding an exe file in another exe file, there may be some licensing issues.
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