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BUG: app does not run on XP.

Hello, I tried to run the .msi produced on a windows XP machine and I got this error: "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem." I thought I read the encapsulator was supposed to support windows XP? Note, that the msi installed ok, this error comes up when trying to run the app. cheers,

BUG report: using ttf font crashes encapsulator

Hi, After half a day of selectively disabling parts of my app, zipping, uploading, waiting, downloading msi, copying to netbook, installing msi, running program - I finally found the encapsulator bug that crashes my app. it appears using a ttf font crashes the encapsulator. Hopefully this will save someone else wasted time. cheers,

app crashing on windows

Hello, I tried to load my html5 app today, and it loaded but crashed with a windows error. Is there a way to debug the apps in a sane way? Or do I need to make a change, upload to the encapsulator, wait... wait... download, wait..., run app and see if it dies again? My app runs fine in the latest safari, chrome, and firefox 4,5,6,7,8. Thanks in advance for any tips. cheers,

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Please use this forum to discuss features, request support and engage in discussion around the AppUp Encapsulator service. Currently AppUp Encapsulator is in beta. You are welcome to submit and package your web applications for apps for AppUp. Currently Encapsulator supports HTML content (javascript, css, HTML5, Ajax, Flash embeds, etc) as well as .AIR files. Follow the instructions on the site and submit any questions, issues or discussion in this forum Go to the AppUp Encapsulator beta website to get started
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