Intel AppUp® Developer Challenge (Archived)

App2Fame is back: Bigger, Better and Loads of exciting prizes.

Guys, txtWeb is back with their National Level Developer Challenge - App2Fame for the second time, a wonderful opportunity to showcase innovative ideas and develop cool SMS Apps. SMS based applications are really simple with simplistic interface and flexible to choose any language to work with and exciting because of the prizes. The challenge here is an Idea. If you showcase an innovative idea, you can be famous and win loads of prizes. Participate today:

CLOSED JAN. 30: The Intel AppUp developer challenge: Web Apps Edition

Just a quick update: The Intel AppUp developer challenge: Web Apps Edition closed Jan. 30 at 3pm. We will be reviewing all entries against the eligibility criteria. Winners will be announced on Feb. 19, 2012. Check back here for more information. And thanks again to everyone who submitted apps to the Challenge. Good luck!!

Got an app, need some help

Hi, Say Joe has a great concept for an app (call it XY) and he’s sure that his app will win “Best Web App for Productivity” in the “Ultrabook™ for the ultra-best” contest mentioned at: Then the app will be sold on Intel’s site with that handy advertising. XY is up and running, but it’s programmed in VB.NET 2010.

Reminder: Validation required to win prizes in Intel AppUp® developer challenge: Web Apps Edition

Speed pays in this challenge, but all apps must be validated by January 30, 2012 to be eligible! You have speed on your side. Our records indicate that you have entered your application in the Intel AppUp® developer challenge: Web Apps Edition contest for a chance to win $250 USD in cash. Plus, the best app in each of the five categories will win a super-slim Ultrabook™ device valued at up to $1,500 USD. Important Reminder - All apps entered must be in the store (i.e., must pass program validation) by the contest deadline, January 30, 2012, at 3:00 p.m.

Which version is tested for the challenge ?

Hello, I was wondering which version of an application is used to rate the chellenge. For example, if I applied my application some time ago and it changed a lot since that day, will the version applied during the submission be used for the contest, or the latest one (the one available on the store in January)

Challenge - Extending Qt Webkit API through native code ?

Hello, I have a question concerning the HTML5 app challenge. Regarding the encapsulator functionalities, I find that the possibilities to make apps are really poor and that it might not be easy to create outstanding apps with HTML5 only. I was wondering if it would be possible to submit applications using HTML5 for the main rendering of the application, extending it with Qt native components delivering new APIs to the HTML5 frontend.


欢迎中国区开发人员参加2011Q4英特尔AppUp℠开发人员全球挑战赛(Web应用程序挑战赛) 前两百名提交应用程序的开发人员每人获得$250现金奖 评出以下5类最佳应用程序,获奖者将获得价值$1500英特尔超级本Ultrabook. 最佳教育应用程序, 最佳游戏应用程序, 最佳工具应用程序, 最佳旅游应用程序, 最佳创新应用程序。 *提交截止日期2012年1月31日,您可以提交支持多语言且其中至少包含英语,法语,德语,西班牙语这四种语言中的任意一语种的应用。 更多详情,请登录 需要更多中文帮助,请点击以下链接
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