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Is there a Quick and effective way of solving the problem of "Application works fine on 32 bit, but doesn't on 64 bit"?

Hi, Is there a Quick and effective way of solving the problem of "Application works fine on 32 bit, but doesn't on 64 bit"? All the apps developed using .Net compliant language do run on the Runtime and upgraded version of Runtime always supports the previous version of Runtime. If this is the fact then:::: 1>Why only some apps are getting non-compliant on 64 bit? 2>Even if the compilation option (In Visual Studio) is changed this problem occurs, but not in ALL APPS. Only some of the apps are found to be non-compliant.

Update on Intel AppUp® encapsulator for the Intel AppUp® developer challenge: Web Apps Edition

To create Web apps for the new Intel AppUp® developer challenge: Web Apps Edition, you can use the Intel AppUp® encapsulator beta service to package your HTML/JavaScript/CSS applications for submission to the Intel AppUp center – and the Challenge. A new article, “HTML 5 Feature Compatibility of the Intel AppUp encapsulator,” was published by Intel AppUp engineer, Raghav Darisi, this week. .

Local language contest pages for new challenge

For the new Intel AppUpSM developer challenge: Web Apps Edition, contest entries may be submitted in English, French, Italian, German or Spanish. Local language contest Web pages will be available (approximately two weeks after the contest starts on September 28, 2011). In the interim, participants may enter Web applications in English on the English contest website, Updates regarding the status of the localized contest Web pages will be posted in this forum.

App in validation status

I submitted an app minutes before the deadline and it's still in validation process in the AppUp program, is there any problem with it for the contest? And, in the submit form of the contest there were 3 options: Netbook (Windows), Tablet or Meego (netbook and tablet). My app is for Meego Netbooks -although the UI is designed to use it with touch screens also, but I hadn't time to test on tablets- and I selected the third option because there wasn't a category for Meego netbooks. Is that ok?

Congratulations Corentin Chary, developer of "Best Custom App for France" Lugdulo'V!!

Congratulations Corentin Chary, winner of $20,000 USD for his "Best Custom App for France" Lugdulo'V! Lugdulo'V is an excellent app that has both French and world-wide appeal. The app, which supports over 18 countries and 120 cities, maps the location of bike rentals. It also displays a picture of the rental shop or station and tells the user how many bikes and return slots are available.

just my idea

just thinkin and wanted to share my thoughts ... fun app arm wrestling game travel app scheduler with automatic mailer to notify others, like a fancy memo maker ... rental app that lets you "look" at ur ride and select it, while sending the request, for you ... cell cam pic movie maker virtual hub app gtg for a bit bbl with more ideas , hope you like them GL ALL !!!!!! yOUR_tARGET

Code signing requirement and Developer Challenge

I posted a comment to my blog because a few developers were having some difficulties getting the code signing certificate in time to submit apps by the deadline for Best Custom App for France (Aug. 8). There are a few tips and suggestions on code signing.

Congratulations Joseph and Jason of The Game Agency, winners of $20,000 for "Best App for Play!"

Congratulations Joseph and Jason, developer Challenge "Best App for Play" winners of $20,000 USD for their LEGO Star Wars Space Runner application! LEGO Star Wars Space Runner is an exciting game that combines the worlds of LEGO and Star Wars to produce a fun Space game that is instantly addicting! In the game, the user builds their own LEGO spacecraft, then enters space to battle asteroids and enemies. The app is well-executed. From the Star Wars theme song to the classic LEGO pieces, the application produced a well-designed, attention-to-detail game.
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