Intel AppUp® Developer Challenge (Archived)

Early Bird Eligibility Confusion

Andre, This part is confusing: "if you submit it via the Dashboard you won't win any prices" So if we submitted to both the Dashboard AND the Entry page we will not win any prizes? Please clarify, as I submitted my apps to BOTH since the very beginning to make sure I did this correctly. Previous posts here say that if we uploaded to BOTH locations , they would simply be merged and we would still qualify for prizes. Thank you.

Early Bird Eligibility Criteria

I have submitted an entry for the Contest via the Contest page. No binary has been uploaded. Additionally I have submitted an app of the same name under Dashboard. The binary has been uploaded as well. Is this sufficient to be eligible for the contest? Or do I have to submit the binary in the Contest page as well? [Note: This is not possible at the moment due to some backend issues on the Contest page]. Please help.

Validation Error -> Internet Access

I have had two entries fail where the validator said the internet portion of the entry was not working. This was on two completely different kind of applications. They stated they had internet access, however I the error message they reported was indicative that they did NOT have internet access. I modified the error message in my entries to include: "Please check your internet connectivity and/or firewall. Is this sufficient?

Validation Failure -> Error

One of my Open Source Applications failed validation incorrectly. The requirements and comments from Intel employees state that the SDK is not required for open source applications yet I received this message form the tester: "Dear Valued Member, This is to inform you that Absolute Keyword Combiner1,0 has failed to meet Intel(R) Atom(TM) Developer Program's validation criteria. Failure Reason: GEN01 - Misc. Issues Additional Comments: application launched without client authorization. please confirm that you have utilized the beta SDK. thank you!"
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