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HELP ! Intel XDK crashes, and I just can't open it anymore even after reinstall

Hi there,

I was working in a project, and I was build my application when the Intel XDK just close it self.

So, I tried to open it again, but looks like that screen to report error / crashes logs have some "infinite" loop, just after upload the error log and reopen the XDK, I got the same error log screen report ...

Even after remove the entire applicarion and reinstall it, I still facing the same issue, so any one had the same experience before ?

I need help to fix it!

How to close modal view programmatically

Framework version: 3

I know you can setup closing the modal view by setting up the attribute data-transition:

<a href="#main" class="button" data-transition="up-reveal:dismiss">Cancel</a>

But I want to have my javascript routine handle the "Cancel" the button and then close the modal view from my routine.

I know I can do this (here I am using knockout's data-bind):

html/angularjs/cordova mobile app web service content loads after install only

I have built a html/angularjs/cordova(cli 5.1.1) mobile app that gets content from a web service, and also uses admob. I have built the application with intel xdk. I did a crosswalk build, as I am trying to get a build for arm based processors.

After first installing the arm version of the application to my device, the application works as it should. The web service content and banner ads populate as expected.

Nested Service Calls


 I have a card which calls web service X.

The card contain 3 rows (A,B,C). A & B have 2 Columns each

I am populating the data {{Name}} from Web Service X in Row A Col 1. Currently it is returning 5 items so I have 5 cards.

I have a card grid in Row B Col 2. The card grid is calling web service Y which is returning 6 items.

When I try to populate the card grid with data {{Group}} from service Y I get 6 blank cards in the grid.

Hard time installing an android debug module

HELLO! I am using XDK version 2807 and I am trying to build a very simple test app with only the cordova-plugin-calendar installed. And I keep on getting an error (see attached photo);

I also tried the answer in post, but still no luck.


Installing the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) USB Driver on a Windows Computer

If you are using Microsoft* Windows* and are having trouble getting your Android* USB debug connection to work you may need to install and connect the Android Debug Bridge USB driver to your Android device. If your workstation is running Linux* or Apple* OS X* you already have the necessary USB driver installed to communicate with your Android device.

A video tutorial version of this article is also available at Windows ADB Driver Install for the Intel XDK.

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