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Intel Cloud Services Platform beta Registration Tutorial

The very first thing you need to do to use the Intel® Cloud Services Platform beta APIs is to sign up on the Portal. Once signed up, you’ll get a Client Id, so you can subscribe to services and configure your profile information. This tutorial will guide you through the registration process in a series of easy-to-follow steps.

Go to the Intel Cloud Services Platform beta Portal:

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  • Introducing Cloud IdaaS - Intel Cloud SSO

    Today we are introducing Intel’s first enterprise focused SaaS offering that brings the best of Intel cloud offering ECA 360 and McAfee Cloud Security Suite product into a multi-tenant offering. The same core functionality that our on-prem product ECA 360 has Single-Sign-On (SSO) for cloud application, User Provisioning and Strong Auth is now supported in a fully flexible as-a-Service offering.

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