AJAX issue with Cordova CLI 4.1.2

There has been an issue with ajax calls not working on Android 5.0+ and some Android 4.4 devices when you build with Cordova CLI 4.1.2, this has been identified and it is being addressed by our build engineers. Meanwhile if you are building for Android please use Cordova CLI version 3.5, Please make this change in the Build Settings on Projects tab before you build your app.

pre-2.2 App Preview and pre-1199 XDK will quit working on June 8, 2015

On Monday, June 8, 2015 all versions of the Intel XDK that are older than release 1199 (September, 2014) and all versions of App Preview that are older than version 2.2 will stop working. These older versions will experience a login failure. This is due to the transition to a more secure and unified login that we initiated earlier this year.

App Preview - launching new app

App Preview version 2.3 has an issue with launching a new app.  When you create a NEW app and try to test with App Preview (either through QR code or app list) it does not launch the app. The app list is not refreshed and hence the app will not launch. Workaround is :

1) Logout of the App Preview and log back in. This will refresh the app list and new app will be visible or scannable through QR code. 


2) Close the App Preview app (remove from active apps) and then relaunch.

This will be fixed in the next release of App Preview.


Crosswalk 7 Open SSL Update

The update to Crosswalk 7 has been pushed to production.

The Crosswalk team has updated Crosswalk 7 with the CVE security fixes for Open SSL to bring Crosswalk 7 in compliance. This was accomplished by updating the base Chromium version used in Crosswalk, which fixes the known Open SSL vulnerabilities. Below are commit logs for Chromium and Crosswalk detailing the fixes.


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1. 如何在两分钟之内在英特尔® 架构上优化 Android 应用 (NDK)

Jean-Claude Cottier 在游戏行业有着18 年以上的工作经验。他开发的原生跨平台引擎,能够快速将其大量游戏移植到大部分相关平台上。让我们来看看这个平台如何在几分钟内帮助您优化应用。

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