Image, Physics scroll not smooth with crosswalk debug or build android

Hi everyone,

I have problem with background image scroll or physics, platformer animation.

I make game from Construct 2 (just scroll background and player jump) and export to android then import into intel xdk. The problem is animation is not smooth compare with preview on the web.

I make a small html5 game and do testing with crosswalk and problem is same.

I tried both my game from Construct 2 and small Html5 game above with Cocoonjs webview+, they are very smooth animation (scroll, jump...)

Failing to build cordova 3.5.1 application

I'm trying to build a 3.5.1 application for iOS, but despite updating all the details in projects tab, the build fails. The build log reports - building a Cordova 3.3 application... and then errors at Error: Plugin "" (0.2.8) failed to instal

Clearly it's trying to build a 3.3 application rather than 3.5.1, but why?! I've specified the correct CLI version in the projects tab, for all devices.

Any help appreciated :)




SplashScreen On Android


Splash screen on android does not shown properly.

It is stretched, i use the image dimensions as wanted by xdk build properties editor, but the image is stretched (for example on samsung note 3 & 4)

I created all (320x426, 320x470, 480x640 and 720x960 px) images seperately, but it seems that these are not enough for Android devices and stretches one of the splash images to fit the screen (vertically). So the images and texts on the splash screen image seems much taller than they should be.

How can I fix this problem?


WebSQL x SQLitePlugin: how to define only once the use of database

I have a APP with WebSQL. It works OK on Android build. Now I´m testing the same APP with Cordova build. There is on problem: the database of old version is lost when a new Cordova version is installed. 

For this moment, according with the comments, I assumed that isn´t have a solution. Then, I am trying to prevent it for the next situation like that. The solution is the use of SQLitePlugin (I hope).

Application Error on seperate html pages

Good day,

I have a problem with starting new pages. This seems to have appeared after the latest upgrade to Intel XDk. 1826. I typically have a normal App Framework application and I then add addition pages. My pages are separate html pages. In my example I have the normal generated index.html page then I also have a login.html page. I have tried starting the page with both javascript button: window.location.href = 'login.html'; and with html button: <input type=button onClick="location.href='login.html'" value='click here'>

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