How to access JSON data in HTML5 apps?

Most apps use some kind of data source to display content in the app. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Maps apps all access data from a server. They also provide REST APIs for app developers to create application using their data. In most cases the data is available in JSON format, which is accessed asynchronously, parsed in the app and then displayed in the app’s user interface.

Below is an example of JSON output from, which outputs time information:

GA Tech 2013 Code for Good Student Hackathon

For 24 hours in early November, we held the 2nd GA Tech Code for Good Student Hackathon.  In continuation of last year's event here, we retained the theme of teaching healthy lifestyle choices to combat childhood obesity.  From edutainment to exercise games, we seek to create worthwhile projects that can help an at-risk demographic: our future.

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