How to connect MySQL database in Java ?

I am coding a module in java that need a database connection with MySQL. I heard about DriverManager but I think it is pretty old method for database connection. Is there any newer and efficient way of doing the same. This Java questions and answers forum comprises of large number of tech and coding expert, So I expect quick and satisfactory solution or full set of instruction/ code require for this.

Ajax fail on iOS

Hi everyone, i have a problem with iOS. My app work very well on Android but, when i try i build for iOS AdHoc everytime that i open the application an error message will shown. Http:// is the error, i specified in iOS' Whitelist that the app will have all permission to retrieve information of other site. Nothing, still doesn't working. Don't know how to do!


Thx for the reply,


Trying to force Landscape only mode.

Testing on a Nexus 7

I have set Orientation in the project build-settings to "Landscape"
Have added "device" to the plugins.
Have added intel.xdk.device.setRotateOrientation("landscape"); to my code.

This works to force the emulator to be in landscape.

But when I use debug on the Nexus 7 it loads in whatever orientation the tablet is being held.

How to deal with app too large to build

My app contains a large amount of video (roughly 5gb) and because of that the upload to the build server is failing. Its all working fine in the emulator, and its builds fine if I remove the video folder.

Is it possible to somehow build the app without the videos in, download the build and then add the videos back locally? I wanted to try this, but the unzipped build package  (for a windows build) is just a  .ps1 file, several  .psd1 and an .appx file. So there is nowhere obvious to put my video assets.

Any suggestions?


Failed to build app with 3rd party plugin (Scandit) #SOLVED!

Hi there!

So,  I'm trying to build a small app using the "Scandit" 3rd party plugin for barcode scan... (I have used others Barcode Scanner Plugin, but I really want to make the Scandit work on my app)...

May I'm doing something wrong, but I really appreciate your help to figure out this issue, so there we go:

This is the GitHib link of the Plugin:

I'm importing the plugin by Add a Third-Party Plugin, where on:

iOS Settings and Push Icon


i have a Little Problem with the small Icon on iOS.
There are only the cordovoa Icon. I put all assets in the Project Settings but nothing happen.

On Android it works perfect! But on iOS there is the normal Icon correct, Splashscreen also but only in Settings and on recive push notifications there are the cordova Icon..

Here a screenshot from my iPhone:

have someone the same issue or a workarround for me?


Android APK size limitation <50MB with Intel XDK

Dear support

For Google Play, there is new limitation with APK size: each APK should be less than 50MB. Google Android suggest that you can summit your media files by using Android Expansion file (in OBB or ZIP) format if you have lots media files.

If we use Intel XDK to generate APK which size is greater than 50MB and thus we want to split codes vs media file into different package, how will you suggest that we can split files by using Intel XDK tool?


Please share your BKM if any.


Regards, Daniel

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