Test My Game: Tell me what you think 80% done!

Hi folks, as I promised a little while ago, I'm going to post my game for you guys to fiddle with. It's only about 80% done and it hasn't really been tested for bugs so please bare this in mind. I have disabled the abilities for the cards, so they will have no effect. I think I left the percent bonus on but I cant remember. Also you will only get coins for beating the monsters, no exp etc. but you can use the coins to buy more cards. So here is a quick overview...

Jquery ajax post not working get working


Jquery ajax call with get method is working flawless, but jquery ajax with post method is not working not giving any error nothing happens on the my button click. Any help asap is appreciated as I am in that stage of my app where it is build 90 % and 10 % remain due to this error.


Thanx & Regards

Nadeem Nakade


Por que a tag audio do html5 não funciona nos aparelho samsung?

Estou trabalhando em um  aplicativo de uma rádio oline, mas estou com um problema.

O codigo abaixo não funciona em aparelho samsung com android. Teste em aparelho com 4.04 e superior.

<figure class="margin-auto widget uib_w_1 d-margins" data-uib="media/audio" data-ver="1">
                         <audio controls="controls" autoplay="autoplay">
                            <source src=" --> link do arquivo mp3<-- " type="audio/mpeg">


Issue on IOS 9/9.1


I build successfully my app both for Android both for IOS.

On Android it's all OK but when i launch my app on IOS it's blocked on splash-screen and it still there.

I try on IPAD with IOS 9 and 9.1.

However if I launch my app on Test tab with Intel App preview it stars successfully...

Someone can help me?

I build it with

Cordova Cli version 5.1.1

IOS target version 6



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