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Intel® System Studio 2014 now available! - New supported platforms and OSs

Intel® System Studio 2014 provides deep hardware and software insights to speed-up development, testing and optimization of Intel-based IoT, Intelligent Systems, mobile systems and embedded systems. Intel® System Studio 2014  has added exciting new features such as Tizen* IVI and Android* target support, Windows* host support, enhanced Eclipse* integration & cross-build, system-wide analysis, and more.

Product Contents

The product contains the following components

Whether is there plan for ISS for Android on Mac OS X host?


Whether is there any plan for ISS for Android on Mac OS X host, especially VTune Amplifier for Android? Because currently, almost all Android developers are working for Android and iOS at same time, and they are using Mac OS X as host, whether should we engage them to use ISS as their familiar environments?

Thanks a lot!


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