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Null Pointer Dereferencing Causes Undefined Behavior

I have unintentionally raised a large debate recently concerning the question if it is legal in C/C++ to use the &P->m_foo expression with P being a null pointer. The programmers' community divided into two camps. The first claimed with confidence that it wasn't legal while the others were as sure saying that it was. Both parties gave various arguments and links, and it occurred to me at some point that I had to make things clear. For that purpose, I contacted Microsoft MVP experts and Visual C++ Microsoft development team communicating through a closed mailing list.

SpaceApps NYC 2015 : A Truly Stellar Event!

The International Space Apps Challenge is a technology development and problem solving event during which citizens from around the world collaborate to tackle challenges relevant to improving life on Earth and the exploration of space. Intel has participated in these events and has provided technical mentorship, as well as software/hardware sponsorship.

英特尔 WiDi — 面向开发人员的无线显示技术

作者:Paul Ferrill 和 Steve Barile

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在看视频、玩游戏、共享图片,甚至办公(包括 Microsoft PowerPoint* 演示)时使用多个屏幕越来越普遍。 但是用户如何使用第二个屏幕取决于具体的设备和操作系统。

本文将讨论排在前三位的技术 — Apple AirPlay*、Google Chromecast* 和 Wi-Fi Alliance Miracast*(该项技术采用英特尔® 无线显示技术 (英特尔® WiDi))之间的区别,并从开发人员的角度概括介绍每项技术的优势和劣势。

随着主设备越来越小,理想的显示屏尺寸越来越大。 通过观察早期的两个用例(小型设备以无线方式在更大的屏幕上显示其内容;以及智能电视显示互联网的内容),您可以了解专有标准和开放标准是如何产生的。 我在本文中讨论的每项技术都面临着不同方面的挑战,而每项技术都以各自的操作系统、设备和独特特性赢得了市场的认可。

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  • Secure Storage - Delete

    This API deletes a secure storage resource (indicated by id). Storage type ('storageType') option is a placeholder for future versions. The current version supports only the local device option, which is the default value (more details in the secure storage mega function page).


    The following object is returned within a fail callback of various API. The error object is designed to help you to easily understand the error that occurred.

    App Security API

    The App Security API is a collection of JavaScript API for Hybrid HTML5 application developers. It enables developers, even those who are not security experts, to take advantage of the security properties and capabilities supported by the platform.

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