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Roadshow: Einstieg in die Hybrid App Entwicklung

Seit 2009 halte ich regelmäßig Entwickler-Roadshows. Auch dieses Jahr und Anfang 2015 möchte ich die Community in Deutschland, Österreich und in der Schweiz mit einer kostenfreien Roadshow zum Thema „Cross Plattform Entwicklung“ unterstützen.

Doch diesmal wird das keine gewöhnliche Roadshow, sondern eine Cross Community Roadshow. Damit ist gemeint, dass die Roadshow nicht nur wie bisher für Microsoft User Groups stattfindet, sondern ebenfalls für Google Developer Groups und JavaScript User Groups.

Intel® INDE Media for Mobile Tutorials - Cross-platform Qt* Sample

This tutorial outlines the steps needed to build the Intel® Integrated Native Developer Experience (Intel® INDE) Media for Mobile cross-platform Qt* Sample.

Before getting started, download the Intel® INDE at and install Media for Mobile component. For additional assistance, visit the Intel INDE forum.

  • Developers
  • Android*
  • Apple iOS*
  • Android*
  • C/C++
  • Qt*/QML
  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
  • Intel® Integrated Native Developer Experience (INDE)
  • Development Tools
  • Media Processing
  • The Console Markets Dirty Little Secret

    I'm always baffled by double standards; and with what's occurred in the Console industry over the past few years has been no exception. 

    Typically I'd make a comparison between the Console and PC gaming markets but this time around will forego that to keep this topic a bit more focused and succinct. So what am I referring to?  In short: there's been a pretty devastating vacuum left by Nintendo amongst the big 3 Console Mfg's over the past few years with their release of the WiiU.  Yet... we hear little to nothing about the 'Death of Console Gaming'.  So why is this?

    Intel® XDK IoT Edition

    Introducing the Intel® XDK IoT Edition – Javascript for Internet of Things

    I am very excited to share some news with you in this blog.  You may have heard at the latest Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco the week of September 9 (yeah, it may not have gotten quite the attention that the iPhone* 6 did…) about the release of the Intel® Edison development platform and the Intel® IoT Developer Kit for Internet of Things development.  It’s really amazing what the IoT makers and hobbyists can do now.

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