UEFI Debugging with Intel System Debugger - Part 1

In this video I show some interesting debugger commands for UEFI debugging.

Commands used are:

  • efi showsuffix
  • efi setsuffix
  • efi loadthis
  • opening the source file viewer
  • and an example setup script file


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  • Physical server provisioning with OpenStack*

    This article explores the internal details of provisioning a physical machine using OpenStack*. Steps for setting up OpenStack are included, and no special hardware is required to begin use. If you already use OpenStack, follow these instructions using the hardware you currently have. If you are new to OpenStack, you will need a commodity access switch and two physical servers with ports connected to a switch that is on the same VLAN or broadcast domain.

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    If you use the Direct Access Programming Library (DAPL) fabric when running your Message Passing Interface (MPI) application, and your application fails with an error message like this:

    [0] MPI startup(): RLIMIT_MEMLOCK too small
    [0] MPI startup(): RLIMIT_MEMLOCK too small
    libibverbs: Warning: RLIMIT_MEMLOCK is 0 bytes.

    System Administration for the Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor

    Updated December 12 2014


    This document provides a general overview of system administration on the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor. It is written with the small scale system administrator in mind. It is not intended as a replacement for the documentation which comes with each release of the Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel® MPSS) but as a supplement, providing advice, troubleshooting suggestions and pointers to other useful documents.

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