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Why not separate the installation packages for standalone installation


So far, I found the installation of Beacon Mountain will install all packages on my PC, but frequently I just need some of packages indeed, so I have to redownload and reinstall too many the packages that I have installed including Android ADT, SDK, NDK, Eclipse, GPA and so on, even actually these packages are out of date, whether Beacon Mountain can support separated installation or selected options for installation to permit users can install what they need?

Thanks a lot!

Installer hangs with about 1 min- Running scripts

Hello! I have tried a couple of installs of Beacon Mtn on my MacBook Pro and the installer seems to be doing it's job up until it gets to 'about 1 min' left... it's states that it's running the package scripts.  But it never stops.  I force quit, uninstalled, re-downloaded and installed again with no difference... can anyone help??  Is it supposed to take forever?


Can't install after windows 7 update

I was installing Beacon Mountain 0.7.1 on Windows 7 - 64 and it had got about halfway through when Windows restarted after an update. I tried to restart the installation and it crashed, so tried uninstalling everything and it still crashes. There are now no licenses to accept and as soon as I click on next the installer crashes.

Really could do with using this asap.

Logs attached.

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