TBB Crash Issues

Hi all,

I used tbb library for my computer vision applications.I build the tbb using the command for Windows 64(Mingw w64 - GCC 5.2.0).

mingw32-make.exe compiler=gcc arch=intel64 runtime=mingw

Once i did this,tbb.dll is generated sucessfully.

I used the tbb library for my application working fine.after i stopped my application the tbb getting crash issue Windows 64(Mingw w64 - GCC 5.2.0).

For 32bit windows,The same application will works fine without any crash issues.

Please explain what is the reason for isssue that happening in 64 bit windows.

thread seemingly executing multiple tasks simultaneously

I have two function node body classes that subclass from the same parent. The parent has a thread-local member variable. Each child class sets that variable to its own value at the top of its operator() function, and then prints out this value some time later. Presumably, if a thread were processing one task at a time, everything would be fine with this structure. However, I occasionally observe that the printout made by class A contains class B's version of the member variable. Could somebody offer an explanation for this behavior?

Thread heap allocation in NUMA architecture lead to decrease performance


i have server that has 80 logical core (model:dl580g7) .I'm running a single thread per core.

each thread doing mkl fft , convolution and many Allocation and DeAllocation from heap with malloc.

i previously have server with 16 logical core and there was not a problem and each thread work on its core with 100% cpu usage.

icpc: error #10104: unable to open 'tbb_pLaCeHoLdEr'

I was trying to compile a boost+Intel TBB code using intel compiler (ICC-13.0.1) The TBB library is latest (4.2) and boost is 1.55.0. The code incorporates C++11 features and so I use the std=c++11 flag

I am getting this error: 

    icpc: error #10104: unable to open 'tbb_pLaCeHoLdEr'
    make: *** [driver.o] Error 1

Raspberry pi compilation errors

root@raspberrypi:~/tbb# make
Created ./build/linux_armv6l_gcc_cc4.6_libc2.13_kernel3.6.11+_release and ..._debug directories
make -C "./build/linux_armv6l_gcc_cc4.6_libc2.13_kernel3.6.11+_debug"  -r -f ../../build/Makefile.tbb cfg=debug
make[1]: Entering directory `/root/tbb/build/linux_armv6l_gcc_cc4.6_libc2.13_kernel3.6.11+_debug'
../../build/Makefile.tbb:39: CONFIG: cfg=debug arch=armv6l compiler=gcc target=linux runtime=cc4.6_libc2.13_kernel3.6.11+

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