Intel® Parallel Studio XE

Data Types

The Data Fitting component provides routines for processing single and double precision real data types. The results of cell search operations are returned as a generic integer data type.

All Data Fitting routines use the following data type:


Vector Arguments in VML

Vector arguments of VML mathematical functions are passed in one-dimensional arrays with unit vector increment. It means that a vector of length n is passed contiguously in an array a whose values are defined as a[0], a[1], ..., a[n-1] (for the C interface).

Using FFTW3 Wrappers

The FFTW3 wrappers are a set of functions and data structures depending on one another. The wrappers are not designed to provide the interface on a function-per-function basis. Some FFTW3 wrapper functions are empty and do nothing, but they are present to avoid link errors and satisfy function calls.


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