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Come sapete Edison viene distribuita con un'immagine di Yocto Linux. L'immagine contiene tutto il software necessario al funzionamento di base del sistema e diverse utilissime librerie, ma per chi, come me, e' abituato ad usare GNU/Linux normalmente, troverebbe alcune mancanze fastidiose.

Yocto e' ottima per costruire distribuzioni customizzate al proprio prodotto, ma compilare pacchetti e librerie non e' esattamente banale.

IOTree, un albero di natale intelligente, con Intel Edison

Visto che vengo spesso accusato di essere poco coinvolto negli addobbi natalizi quest'anno ho deciso di partecipare attivamente all'allestimento dell'albero.

Avendo appena ricevuto un Intel Edison non potevo non sfruttarlo per rendere l'albero piu' divertente ed intelligente.


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  • Intel's Newest Wearable Module: Intel Curie

    Last year this month Intel's CEO Brian Krzanich introduced the world to the Intel Edison chip. This year he is introducing to us the Intel Curie, a button sized module using the Intel Quark SE SoC designed for wearables.. 


    Curie is designed to be efficient at always on applications in form factors such as rings, bags, fitness trackers, and shoes to name a few. 

    The Intel Curie module includes:

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    Welcome to the Internet of Things forum. In addition to asking questions on the forum you are encouraged to post your project ideas, and provide helpful information to other participants. We are also looking for feedback on the software and hardware components that make up the initial devkit offering. Currently there are three major pieces: 

    Development Tools : including Yocto Application Toolkit, (ADT) and Intel(r) System Studio (ISS).

    Galileo board including the range of sensors, and I/O devices that we use at our hackathons.

    Edison Wifi connection very slow

    1. Edison, flashed with "edison-image-ww05-15" image.  uname -r gives 3.10.17-poky-edison+

    2. iwconfig wlan0 power off to disable power management.  The systemctl start wifi-power-management-off does not work.

    3. The connection over wired USB connection is just fine.  Both SSH and the serial connection is just fine. The ping latency is just fine < 10 ms.

    4. Wifi is configured, wpa_supplicant is enabled to enable wifi automatically after every reboot.

    5. Then disconnected the USB, reboot, trying to connect to Edison using Wifi

    Intel®DevTech Mixer at SxSW 2015

    SxSW is the largest interactive five day event of emerging technology, networking, and unbeatable showcases featuring new video games, startup ideas, and websites.  At the Moonshine in Austin, Texas, on March 16th from 7:30 PM to 10 PM, (register here if you'd like to attend!) several developers will be presenting a variety of demos at the Intel®DevTech Mixer:

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