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Tutorial: Develop an Application With Intel® Threading Building Blocks

Last updated: September 11, 2018

Intel® Threading Building Blocks

C++ Sample Application Code

Document number: 327305-002US

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Distributed Deep Learning with Docker*, Intel® Nervana™ technology, neon™, and Pachyderm*

Published on April 3, 2017, updated June 8, 2018By Daniel W.

The recent advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence are amazing! It seems like we see something groundbreaking every day, from self-driving cars, to AIs learning complex games. Yet, in order to have real value within a company,...

What to do when Nested Parallelism Runs Amuck? Getting Started with Python* module for Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) in Less than 30 Minutes!

Introduction and Description of Product

Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) is a portable, open-source parallel programming library from the parallelism experts at Intel. A Python module for Intel® TBB is included in the Intel®...

How to Get Started Developing for Automated Driving

Published on December 13, 2016, updated December 12, 2017

From safe roads to enjoyable commutes, automated driving is poised to change lives and society for the better.

Flow Graph Analyzer User Guide

Last updated: September 11, 2017

This tutorial teaches you how to use Flow Graph Analyzer, a graphical tool for the construction, analysis and visualization of applications that use the Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) flow graph interfaces. Flow Graph Analyzer lets you start with a blank canvas and construct a flow graph application by interactively adding nodes and edges through a graphical interface. It also lets you collect events during the execution of an existing application that will allow you to explore the topology and performance of the flow graphs used by that application.

Optimize a Loop Centric Application Using Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) for Linux*

Last updated: July 17, 2017Video length: 1 min

Explore how to increase performance of a Taylor series algorithm using Intel Threading Building Blocks (Intel TBB).

Optimize a Loop-Centric Application Using Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB)

Last updated: June 28, 2017Video length: 2 min

Explore how to increase performance of a Taylor series algorithm using Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB).


Optimize Data Layout with SIMD Templates

Published on May 26, 2016, updated August 22, 2016By Nimisha R.

Contrast results for manually tuning financial data and using data layout templates in the Intel® C++ Compiler.

Software Occlusion Culling Figure 1

Software Occlusion Culling

This article details an algorithm and associated sample code for software occlusion culling which is available for download. The technique divides scene objects into occluders and occludees and culls occludees based on a depth comparison with the occluders that are software rasterized to the depth...

Intel® System Studio Training Materials

Here are useful slide decks to enhance your learning of Intel System Studio 2016. For Intel System Studio 2015 Training Slides, please go here. For more in-depth Knowledge Base articles about all the components of this tool suite, go here.

Optimizing Image Resizing Example of Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) With Intel® Threading Building Blocks and Intel® C++ Compiler. Intel® System Studio 2016 Linux*

Published on August 19, 2015By JON J K.

For Intel® System Studio 2015, find the corresponding article here -> click

< Overview >

 In this article, we are enabling and using Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives(IPP), Intel® Threading Building Blocks(TBB) and Intel...

Threading Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives Image Resize with Intel® Threading Building Blocks

Threading Intel® IPP Image Resize with Intel® TBB.pdf (157.18 KB) :Download Now



The Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) library provides a...