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Deliver innovative media solutions that increase performance, quality, and efficiency while reducing time to market.

As video traffic explodes and the industry moves to 4K, OTT, HEVC, and VP9, media solution and content providers need economical, fast transcode and quality analysis tools that accelerate video processing. Intel provides advanced media software solutions across enterprise servers, client devices, and mobile platforms.

Intel® Media Server Studio Product Family

  • Boost performance with hardware acceleration of Intel CPUs and graphics processors
  • Assure quality and compliance with expert-grade performance, quality analysis tools, and stress-testing
  • Improve time to market with accelerated video processing and optimized runtimes
  • Reduce validation testing with small-footprint bitstreams
  • Transition to new formats and develop for the latest codecs: HEVC, VP9, AVC, and more

Additional Tools

Intel® Video Pro Analyzer (Intel® VPA)

Advanced video analysis for HEVC, VP9, AVC & MPEG2

Intel® Media Server Studio

Get premium performance, video quality, compliance

Intel® Stress Bitstreams and Encoder

Build robust HEVC, VP9 & AVS 2.0 decoders

Intel® Media SDK

A cross-platform API for developing media applications on Windows*.



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