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About Production Suites

Suites contain a robust set of optimizing compilers, performance libraries, and analysis tools. Develop high-performance parallel code for enterprise, cloud, high-performance computing (HPC), AI, and IoT applications.

About Intel® oneAPI Toolkits(Beta)

Developers of accelerated software can explore a beta implementation of a cross-industry, open, standards-based unified programming model that delivers a common developer experience across accelerator architectures. Toolkits include optimizing compilers, performance libraries, and analysis tools.

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Intel® AI Analytics Toolkit | Deliver Performant AI Apps Faster

Accelerate AI pipelines by training deep neural networks, integrating trained models for inference, and running functions for data science and analytics.

Intel® oneAPI DL Framework Developer Toolkit | Build Fast Deep Learning Frameworks

Create your own or customize an existing machine learning framework with this foundational set of tools.

Intel® Distribution for Python*

Accelerate and scale your application performance with compute-intensive Python packages: NumPy, SciPy, and mpi4py.

Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit

Emulate human vision in applications across Intel® hardware, as well as extend workloads and maximize performance.

Intel® oneAPI Collective Communications Library | DNN Training

Distribute machine and deep learning model training across multiple nodes using a library of optimized communication patterns.

Intel® oneAPI Data Analytics Library | Speed ML/DL Calculations

This library includes a set of high-speed algorithms: analysis, math, training and prediction functions, and more.

Intel® oneAPI Deep Neural Network Library | APIs for AI Applications

Enhance deep learning frameworks via a library that combines primitives and a single API to develop for CPUs, GPUs, or both.