MPI Profiling for Parallel Cluster Applications

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Part of Intel® Parallel Studio XE for Windows* and Linux*


Use this graphical tool to understand MPI application behavior across its full runtime. It helps you: 

  • Find temporal dependencies and bottlenecks in your code
  • Check the correctness of your application
  • Locate potential programming errors, buffer overlaps, and deadlocks
  • Visualize and understand parallel application behavior
  • Evaluate profiling statistics and load balancing
  • Analyze performance of subroutines or code blocks
  • Learn about communication patterns, parameters, and performance data
  • Identify communication hot spots
  • Decrease time to solution and increase application efficiency


What's New

Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector now supports:

  • The latest Intel® Xeon® processors
  • Partitioned global access spaces (PGAS), including OpenSHMEM

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Intel® Trace Collector User and Reference Guide

Intel® Trace Analyzer User and Reference Guide

Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector Installation Guide
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Key Specifications

  • Processors: Intel Xeon processors and compatible processors
  • Languages: C, C++, Fortran, and OpenSHMEM
  • Development environments: Works with compilers from Microsoft*, GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)*, Intel, and others that follow the same standards
  • Operating systems: Linux and Windows
  • Support for all major MPICH2-based implementations