Eight Teams, Eight Weeks

Meet the winning team that created a revolutionary commercial application for the virtual world.

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Team Challenge Journals

Team 1: Eastern Indigos

Learning Organic Chemistry the VR Way

This team is building a VR experience to make organic chemistry visually appealing.

Team 2: CheikDinga

CheikDinga: Dream It, See It, Own It

Team 2 works to improve this fully immersive VR game for car dealers that attracts customers by providing innovative ways to customize car purchases.

Team 3: Flying Turtles

TraIND40: Advanced Virtual and Mixed Reality Training Experience for Industry 4.0

This team is using VR to improve industrial training to place the trainee and instructor in the same environment, which accelerates learning.

Team 4: The Crop Dusters

A Self-Propelled Sprayer VR Simulator for Agriculture Safety

This team will build a virtual reality driving simulator to improve the safety of self-propelled sprayers.

Team 5: Zenva Sky

Learn to Code in VR: An Immersive Computer Science Adventure

This team is focused on the Zenva Sky application, which teaches the fundamentals of abstract computer science in a visual, interactive manner only achievable in VR.

Team 6: Vitruvian VR Team

Vitruvian VR 2.0: Wing Suit Simulator

This project joins history, technology, and gaming through virtual reality. Using an electronically controlled mechanism, the Vitruvian VR flight simulator makes the user feel like the Vitruvian Man of Leonardo da Vinci.

Team 7: VRMonkeys

Virtual Investigator

Combining professional training and education, this project has players taking the role of a scientific investigator (CSI) to find crime scene clues, take the evidence to a lab, and analyze the information to identify suspects.

Team 8: Learn 'o' Sys

Using VR to Teach Human Anatomy

This team uses the power of VR, mixed with imagination and creativity, to create an application that educates school-age children about the human body.

Hardware that Powers the Developer Challenge

To develop their VR applications, participating teams use the new Intel® NUC 8 VR, which is powered by an Intel® Core™ i7 processor with Radeon™ RX Vega M Graphics. This system is powerful, fast, and tiny, which makes it easier to enable commercial VR applications. To complete the system, Microsoft* is providing HP* Windows* Mixed Reality Headsets.

HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset

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portrait of Vipul Chopra

Vipul Chopra

Senior manager of developer relations
Intel Corporation

portrait of Bob Duffy

Bob Duffy

Software developer evangelist
Intel Corporation

portrait of Wendy Boswell

Wendy Boswell

Developer relations program manager
Intel Corporation

portrait of Eric Mantion

Eric Mantion

Technology evangelist
Intel Corporation

portrait of Mike Premi

Mike Premi

Business development manager of New Product Innovation
Intel Corporation

portrait of Daniel Gonzalez

Daniel Gonzalez

Program manager of Windows* Developer Marketing
Microsoft Corporation

portrait of Nancy Li

Nancy Li

Lead program manager of Global Mixed Reality Partnerships
Microsoft Corporation


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