Intel Unite® Plugin Software Development Kit (Plugin SDK)

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Use this SDK to develop plugins for the open and extensible Intel Unite® solution.

  • Control technologies that support collaboration from client devices
  • Automate networked technologies through available APIs
  • Collaborate with expanded capability and feature additions

Unite SDK Overview

Intel Unite® software powers productive, connected meeting spaces. This solution makes it fast and easy for people to join meetings and wirelessly share, view, or annotate each other’s content. To help third-party products (such as room equipment controls and audio components) interface with devices that use this software, use the plugin SDK. It's an API set used to create plugins.

A Better Way for Teamwork

A range of features make meetings and collaboration more productive and effective.

Unite SDK FastIt's fast. No more fumbling with cables or dongles to share a screen. Simply enter the six-digit PIN shown on a meeting space display, which is connected to a room hub powered by the solution, and start sharing with a single click.


Unite SDK SharingSharing is easy. Instantly switch presenters, view up to four screens side-by-side on a room display, annotate shared content from your device, and share files on the fly.


Unite SDK SecureHelp keep your content safe. The 256-bit SSL data encryption helps protect the data you share, while all data traffic remains within the company network.


Unite SDK DevicesControl other technologies needed in the room. The software requires the meeting space to be outfitted with a select networked computer featuring an Intel® vPro™ processor. The software on this room-based computer can be configured with modular plugins. Client users can then join and control a variety of technologies connected directly to the room computer or reached over the network. The possibilities range from joining components to a web conference, to controlling custom audio or camera equipment, or adjusting the room lighting with client devices that use Intel Unite software.

For more product information and collateral, see the overview page.