Intel Unite® Plugin SDK

Use this SDK to develop plugins for the open and extensible Intel Unite® solution.

  • Control technologies that support collaboration from client devices
  • Automate networked technologies through available APIs
  • Collaborate with expanded capability and feature additions
What is Intel Unite® software?
This software lets a user share a screen with a conference room PC without using a dongle. Client PCs featuring Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ processor and Intel® Core™ i7 vPro™ processor technology can create smarter connected meeting spaces that are easy to use and secure. For more information, see Intel® Unite Solution.
Can Intel Unite software extend beyond the corporate network?
Currently, Intel Unite software does not extend screen sharing outside the corporate network. To reach users outside of the corporate network, you will need to extend the hub for the software with a collaboration plugin, such as the Skype* for Business plugin.
What is the difference between the stand-alone installation and the enterprise installation?
The stand-alone installation lets you install the hub for the Intel Unite® application for use as its own pin server and only works on a single subnet. It is only used for evaluation purposes.

The enterprise installation allows for spanning of multiple subnets, supports multiple hubs, and adds additional levels of security.
What are software plugins?
Plugins allow providers of collaboration and conference room solutions to integrate their products with Intel Unite software to provide a seamless user experience.

Plugins are developed as a library that runs on the hub PC for Intel Unite and provide a control interface to each of the connected clients.
What kind of plugins can be developed for Intel Unite software?
There are a variety of possible uses, depending on the solution to be integrated.
  • To extend its reach into the conference room, a plugin can provide meeting controls for a partner or cloud web conferencing solution; the expectation is to enable the hub for Intel Unite software to join up with a web conference. This makes it easy for participants inside the conference room to share their screens through Intel Unite software, and participants outside the conference room to see the collateral using the web conferencing software solution.
  • For conference room device makers (speakerphones, cameras, and so on), a plugin can provide an easy interface to access the device controls (volume, video, and lights).
What are the requirements to develop plugins for Intel Unite software?
A development environment with Microsoft .NET* 4.0 software or later and the CFCPlugin.dll that provides the interface that comes with the hub for Intel Unite software is required. To run and test the plugin, you will need a hub and server for Intel Unite software, along with various clients.
How do I get started developing plugins for Intel Unite software?
You will need to obtain the plugin SDK and the Intel Unite application to develop plugins.

Plugin SDK

Intel Unite Application

Are plugins that are developed for one version of Intel Unite software compatible with other versions?
Currently, plugins cannot be guaranteed to be forward or backward compatible.
Are there any special plugin installation requirements for Intel Unite software?
A plugin library must be named *Plugin.dll and be placed into the /Plugins folder of the hub installation. The folder is not created during hub installation; it must be created during plugin installation, if not already present.
Does the hub software always run in full screen (kiosk) mode?
During the application installation, a configuration setting is used on the hub. The setting allows you to change the default configuration. This allows the hub software to start without using full screen (kiosk) mode.
Is .exe authentication possible for plugins?
Developers can sign their plugin and provide a corresponding certificate to be installed to check the signature. The default hub setting to check the certificates can be turned off for development.
Can the hub share its desktop or apps?
The hub for the Intel Unite application is unable to share its own desktop or apps. Only remote screens shared with the hub for the Intel Unite application can be shared with others.
Does the hub handle audio sharing?
Audio sharing through the Intel Unite application is not currently possible.
Does the hub support video streaming?
Video streaming is supported, however audio is not supported. In a conference room situation, users will be required to connect speakers.