• Useful Packages for MRAA (UPM) is a high-level repository for sensors and actuators. This library provides an abstraction of each sensor implementation that's verified and maintained.

IoT UPM SDK Overview

The UPM repository provides software drivers for a wide variety of commonly used sensors (and actuators). These software drivers interact with the underlying hardware platform (or microcontroller), as well as with the attached sensors, through calls to MRAA APIs.

You can access the interfaces for each sensor by including the sensor’s corresponding header file and instantiating the associated sensor class. In the typical use case, a constructor initializes the sensor based on parameters that identify the sensor, the I/O protocol used, and the pin location of the sensor.

Although implementation and API design is up to the developer, C++ interfaces have been defined for the following sensor/actuator types and you are encouraged to implement them.

  • Light controller
  • Light sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • Analog to digital converter
  • CO2 Sensor

Supported Sensors

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IDE Integration

If you would like to create projects and run the UPM samples using an IDE recommended by Intel, please refer to the IDE page.

Supported Programming Languages

Since UPM is based off of MRAA, it supports the same programming languages as MRAA.

Supported Boards