MQTT with Microsoft Azure* in Arduino Create

This tutorial takes you from setting up a device in Microsoft Azure* all the way to viewing your data being sent with MQTT. The sketch is set up to read data from the Grove* Rotary Angle Sensor at a given interval, then send it to Microsoft Azure. The final step where you view your data is done in the Device Explorer provided by Microsoft. It is only supported on Windows*. See for instructions on how to use the iot-hubexplorer node.js command line tool for other platforms.

What you'll learn

  • How to set up an IoT Hub
  • How to get the credentials for your device and enter them into the SECRETS tab
  • How to view your data using the Device Explorer

Gather your materials

  • UP²* board
  • Grove Pi+* board
  • Grove* Rotary Angle sensor

This example continues on GitHub*.


IDE or Development Framework: 
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