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The Chronicles of Phi - part 1 The Hyper-Thread Phalanx

Recently I have been blessed with the opportunity to have a workstation with dual Intel® Xeon Phi™ 5110P coprocessors.  One of the design goals of the Xeon Phi™ was to provide a programming environment that is nearly the same as that on the host system. The Intel engineers based the design on an...

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Apps for Kids: Basic Usability Guidelines

More kids than ever before in history are engaging with computing devices on a daily basis, whether that may be that a smartphone, a tablet, a PC, or a convertible tablet/PC form factor. They do homework, interact with friends and family, and play games, and as seen by a simple search in any...

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4 Tips of Crowdsourced Testing: How to leverage crowdsourced QA for more effective testing results

Like it or not, today’s end users expect their applications to work perfectly from the moment they are downloaded. Naturally, these heightened expectations have placed a great deal of additional stress on in-house QA and engineering teams, who are now tasked with finding and fixing more bugs – on...

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App Usability Guidelines from a User Perspective

More apps are going to be downloaded this year than ever before in history.  Whether we’re checking out TV Guide on our iPhone, going through our to-do list with Evernote on a Surface, or zipping through Star Wars Angry Birds via AppUp®, we’ve all used apps at some point and fully intend to use...

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Innovating for User Experience on Intel Ultrabook

The idea:  Get the secrets of innovating for your users. This article (video)  gives you the approach, the design concept to innovate User Experience on your app. We share with you how we created an cool Ux on the Intel Ultrabook.  To find out a novel way to interact with your PC, see the videos...

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Usability Testing: How to Get Feedback on Your Software

Feedback is the cornerstone to gaining and keeping satisfied software customers. It’s nice to think your software is easy to use and delivers what everyone needs, but is it? Unless you work alongside those who actually use the software on a daily basis, how do you know you’re hitting the mark? The...

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