Continued input from developers is imperative throughout this crucial phase, principally in the areas of Content Strategy and Digital Experience Design, but most importantly of all, Ideation

Featured Video - Redesigning for Windows Tablet and Phone - Case Study

Top digital agency, 72 Pixels, tells the story of adapting the GasBuddy online presence to Win8 for phone and tablet.

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Glossary of Terms - Strategy

Competitor Analysis

Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of a competitor to gain insight and improve the chances of success for your product or service

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Comprehensive Analytics Review

Assessing all available data pertaining to a proposed strategy, using Digital Analytics and all relevant offline market data relating to the target users

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Content Strategy

Defines the plan to manage site content throughout its full lifecycle. The plan may cover frequency and source of updated material, budget, business goals and alignment with marketing campaigns and external events.

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Digital Experience Design

Involves considering the entire experience of the user across multiple channels and devices (Blogs, Apps, Social Media, Twitter, Mobile), not just a single isolated online service.

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The act of generating, developing and communicating concepts

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Stakeholder Interviews

Used to gather information, to better understand the requirements, dependencies and goals of a product or service. They are conducted with individuals directly involved in the creation of that initiative and also those who will be actively involved in its operation.

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