Using Feedback in Your App to Inspire Confidence

Theresa explains why you should NEVER use an 'Idiot Box', but shows you how to make your users burst with confidence while they're using your app. Learn more:

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Navigating the Pitfalls of the Action Drawer

Stuck on how to design the best Android Action Bar? Yup, it can be a challenge, but why not let Theresa guide you to ultimate success. Some great tips here! Learn more:

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A Closer Look at the Navigation Drawer

In this short guided tour, Theresa takes you through navigation drawers on Android! Learn More:

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Best Practices for Android Forms

Want to know some of the best practices for Android forms? Theresa will walk you through it in this short video! Learn more at:

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Navigation Patterns for Android

Spinners? Fixed Tabs? Scrolling Tabs? The Navigation Drawer? Sounds like a lot to consider...Never fear! Theresa will make it all better :) Learn more:

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Pure Android Pitfalls to the “Design Once, Ship Anywhere” Approach

How to get the best UX, by keeping your design assets pure-Android. Theresa shows you how in 3 Minutes and 58 seconds! Learn more:

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Best Practices for Sign Up and Sign In

Want to get your users signed up and signed in to your Android app as quickly and smoothly as possible? Theresa, shows you how. Learn more at:

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Designing Search Experiences for Android

If you're looking to create the best Search experience for your Android users - look no further. Theresa has you covered. Learn more at:

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How to Reduce E-Mail Input Errors

E-mail input errors! Don't you just hate 'em? Once again Luke W takes us through some REALLY simple steps that'll make a huge difference...oh, and he does it in 3 minutes 35 seconds. Visit the UX Zone on IDZ to learn more!

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How to Jump Right Into Input

Whether 2in1, tablet, laptop or phone, users want to get their tasks accomplished as fast as possible - Luke Wroblewski, shows you some of today's best examples and gives you some great tips. Visit the UX Zone to learn more!

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