Touch Terrain

Touch Terrain

Intel Corporation

Features / Description

Dynamically deformable terrain has long been a desired feature of game developers. Ultrabooks and Win 8 Tablets open new attractive opportunities for interactivity, where touch screens and other sensors can be used to influence the terrain in new ways.

This sample demonstrates a technique which enables the user to dynamically deform terrain using a touch screen. The two main goals of the sample are to demonstrate how to leverage the complete Intel platform to render fully dynamic textured terrain and how to exploit touch screens in Windows 8 to enrich the user experience.

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souradeep-ghosh's picture

what is a terrain? explain it.

Egor Yusov (Intel)'s picture

There is an article attached to the post.
It explains the technique in quite good detail. Here is another reference:

Chao L.'s picture

It's the excellent work. Just wonder you have updated the project for Windows 8.x or Windows Store. Does your workflow work for the real-time terrain deformation, for example, simulating the real-time terrain deformation from sensors in a mining environment,  the project which I am working on? I could be reached by the email address in my account. Thanks.