The evaluation version is limited to 10 frames only and it is hard to understand all the capabilities of the tool.
Evaluation copies of software tools typically do have limited capabilities to ensure a distinction with a purchased product with full capabilities. For help with your needs, contact our sales team.
I need to analyze transport stream packets. Is this feature available?
Intel® VPA currently supports MP4 and MPEG2 TS/PS containers, but doesn't provide visualization.
Can I review packet level statistics from MPEG-DASH or HLS?
Intel® VPA is intended for file-based operations.
Does Intel® VPA support an audio analysis?
This tool primarily provides such a detailed video elementary stream syntax visualization that audio support is not available. However, if you are looking for an audio codec support, it is available in Intel® Media Server Studio or Intel® Media SDK.
Does Intel® VPA support SVC, MVC, etc.?