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There are many opportunities for AI to help solve healthcare problems. Read “Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare Data” on the Intel AI Academy to learn how healthcare IT professionals can collaborate with healthcare experts.

Hi, I'm David Shaw. Welcome to this week's edition of AI News. Today, we look at how health care can benefit from artificial intelligence. 

This episode isn't just for data scientists, but also, for health care professionals who have access to lots of data. Awareness about AI in the health care industry is just starting. 

Even data scientists, AI developers, and data engineers face challenges when trying to find ways to implement AI in health care. Things such as lack of data available for training models and even, issues with validation of these models, are still being researched. 

However, the AI health care market is projected to increase 40% exponentially, by the year 2021. There's the potential to reduce costs of treatment by up to 50%. 

Not only that, deep learning has potential to help medical practitioners by reducing human error rates and workload. Help in the diagnosis and prognosis of disease. And analysis of complex data to provide insights.